Valentine’s Day for Filipinos

Valentine’s Day is a big celebration around the world. People from different cultures and countries celebrate this special day. In essence, it is the Feast of Saint Valentine but over the years, it has become a day of love and romance. This day is also widely celebrated by many Filipinos.

What is Valentine’s Day for Filipinos?

In the Philippines, Filipino couples (and singles) anticipate this occasion for gift-giving and romantic celebrations. It’s become quite common for Filipino men to give their girlfriends flowers and chocolates. The same also applies to Filipino women. Some go all out and spend gifts on their significant other. Those who aren’t in a relationship, on the other hand, give gifts to people they admire.

It’s also common for some couples and groups of single  to go out for a fancy meal. In the Philippines, it’s highly recommended to book a restaurant in advance. It’s not a surprise that all romantic restaurants and bars are busy on this special day. Without a reservation, you might even have to queue up for hours!

According to a Picodi report, 79% of Filipinos celebrate Valentine’s Day. On average, they spend about PHP 1,759, as men spend about PHP 1,945 and women spend around PHP 1,610. It is also more common for Filipinos to give their significant other a gift. Meanwhile, some buy gifts for their friends, family and colleagues.

20% of singles, surprisingly, confess their feelings for someone!

According to the same Picodi report, women like receiving gifts and spending time with their partner. They also prefer getting flowers and gift vouchers more than any other types of gifts.

Similar to women, men also like receiving gifts and spending time with their partner. They’re also happy to receive valentine’s day card and electronic devices (wow) on this occasion.

What about you? How do you spend your Valentine’s Day? Do you prefer spending time with your significant other, family or friends?

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