Sending Money from Canada to the Philippines Made Easier

Moving overseas and working abroad may sound like a dream for most Filipinos. Thousands of Filipinos leave the country each year in hopes of finding better opportunities in foreign countries. However, this also means that more and more Filipinos move away from their families and loved ones to be able to provide for them. For years, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and immigrants have tried to stay connected to their families in the Philippines by sending some of their hard earned money back home – as if it’s already been embedded in the Filipino culture.

At Asenso Remit, we understand what every kababayan (fellow Filipino) in the world goes through just to send money back home. We understand that every transaction can incur hefty transfer costs and processing payments may be inconvenient and unmanageable with their busy schedules. To help our fellow kababayan in Canada send money back to the Philippines with ease and convenience, we’ve laid out some of the reasons why it’s best to use Asenso Remit.


Excellent Exchange Rates and Low Transfer Fees

According to the World Bank Remittance Prices Worldwide Report, international bank transfer remains the most expensive way of sending money to the Philippines. At Asenso Remit, we understand that every penny matters. We know the importance of sending more of your hard-earned money back to your loved ones, rather than spending them on excessive fees. That is why we offer competitive daily exchange rates and low transfer fees. Customers remitting with us for the first time can also get $1 off their fees. For us, what matters most is helping our fellow kababayan by offering them the best rates to make the most out of every transaction.


Money Credited to the Receiver in Minutes

Nothing’s worse than waiting for your money to be transferred to your receiver in days. We want to save both you and your loved ones’ time by making sure that our process is convenient and hassle-free. Transactions can be done online through the website or mobile application, so customers can send money anytime, anywhere. Payments, on the other hand, may be done either through direct debit or interac e-transfer. Both payment methods will reach our system equally quickly, allowing us to course the money to your receiver in minutes.


Providing Safe and Unrivalled Service for Years

Asenso Remit is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kabayan Capital UK and began trading in Canada in 2017. It is strictly regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Customers are guaranteed that all transactions are safe and compliant with Canadian laws and requirements. Having been established in the industry for years shows we are highly committed to what we do. Our robust and dynamic team always work hard to provide our customers with unparalleled service and seamless transactions.


Sending money back to the Philippines is now easier than ever. Our digital services (website and mobile app) allow you to transfer money at your own convenience.


Get started now.

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