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What is Asenso Remit?

Asenso Remit is a remittance company based in Canada that assists our ka-asenso kababayan in sending money to their family and friends in the Philippines. Remittance requests can be processed over the phone and/or via online.

Asenso Remit offers different ways of delivering money to the Philippines depending on the needs and convenience of our customers. The sender can choose from cash pick-up, home delivery or direct credit to a bank account of the receiver in the Philippines.

Asenso Remit is fully-registered by The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), so you can be sure that your money will arrive safely at its destination.

How to send money with Asenso Remit?

Asenso Remit offers different methods on how you can send money to your loved ones. You can go to our website and fill in the simple registration form and follow the process. You can also call our quality trained staff to assist you with the registration and help you process a remittance.

How do I pay with Asenso Remit?

There is a simple way to pay for your transfer:

1. Pay using your VISA Debit Card:
2. Interac Online
3. Interac e-Transfer
4. POS (for walk-in customers only)

All of the details that you need for this method of payment are sent to your registered email address once you have successfully created a transaction.

Please note:

In compliance with Canada and Philippines Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, we may require additional documents before we can process your transaction. Please call +14378862999 for larger value transactions, over CAD 3,000 or for any assistance.

How can a receiver get the money?

You have three options. You can credit the money directly to your receiver’s bank account (any bank in the Philippines), deliver the money at your receiver’s doorsteps, or have your receiver collect the money from our various cash pick-up outlets/partners.

Does Asenso Remit offer Door-to-Door delivery?

Yes, we do home delivery to Metro Manila and nearby provinces. However, please check the ‘out of service’ areas for Door-to-Door delivery service. Please click here to see the complete list.

What does the receiver need in order to collect the money?

To collect money, your receiver needs two things:

1. Proof of ID

2. Reference number

Please note that the receiver’s name as stated on your transfer has to match exactly the name presented on the receiver’s Proof of ID. This includes any middle names.

Does Asenso Remit process credit/debit cards?

Yes! But we currently accept Canada Debit cards only.
Please note that we are only accepting a personal debit card. We do not accept business debit cards or pre-paid debit cards.

How do I sign up?

Go to and register by using your email address. In order to sign up, you will need to provide some basic information about yourself. There is no fee!

How much money can I send with Asenso Remit?

There is no limit on the amount that you can send. However, for single transfers over CAD 999, or frequent transfers that reach CAD 3000 in a 30 day period, we will need to perform online verification. By doing online verification, you will not need to provide physical documents like with other remittance companies.

If you want to send a large amount of money, please contact our customer service team on +14378862999.

Do I have to register with Asenso Remit to get a transfer quote?

No, you can get the conversion and the total fee that you have to pay by just filling in the amount you want to transfer and the method you want it to be delivered.

Click here for our Calculator tool to find out how much you will be charged.

Do I have to have a smartphone to use Asenso Remit?

No. You can transfer money to the Philippines from Canada by using our user-friendly website – You can also use our mobile app if you want to send money on the go.

Our app is available in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android.

Does Asenso Remit have any promos?

Yes, we offer different exciting promotions from time to time. Please see our promo page for the our latest offers.

Why is my account “blocked”?

No worries! It only means that you need to provide additional documents to verify your account and complete your request. Please contact our customer service team on +14378862999.