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How do I verify my account?

Customer verification is very easy, straightforward and it only takes less than a minute. To verify your account, please provide the following:

Is Asenso Remit legit?

Yes, Asenso Remit is legit. The safety and security of our customers' details and transactions are our top priorities. Like banks and any other financial institution, Asenso Remit is a registered Money Service Business regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). We verify our customers and continually scan our system for unusual transactions to ensure maximum financial security.

Where can I remit money to the Philippines?

You can send money online 24/7 from Canada to the Philippines. To create an account, visit our website at or download the ‘Asenso Remit’ mobile app (iOs or Android). Alternatively, you can also visit us at Dixie Park Centre Toronto for walk-in transactions.

Which bills can I pay for?

Apart from the Philippine contributions such as SSS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG you can also pay for real estate properties such as SMDC, Filinvest, SunTrust as well as vehicle and insurance payments in the Philippines.

How to pay bills?

Follow the steps below to pay for your Philippine contributions and bills online through our website or mobile app:

How can I get updates on the Exchange Rate?

You can check the exchange rate in real time through the website at or through our free mobile app. Please note that the exchange rate usually changes every 12pm and 10pm Toronto Time.

Can I use Touch ID to login?

Yes, you can enable Touch ID. Login into your account. Go to PROFILE and then toggle the Touch ID switch to enable.

Why can’t I login and it shows customer login ID does not exist?

Check if you have entered your registered email address correctly. It's case sensitive so follow the exact format when you registered. Make sure there is no space at the start or end of the email address.

How to change my password?

1. Login into your account. 2. Go to PROFILE and then Change Password. 3. Enter your old password then your new password. Confirm your new password then click CHANGE. 4. You'll be required to Login again using your new password.

How to reset or retrieve my password?

1. Click LOGIN then choose “Forgot Password”. 2. Enter your registered Email Address and then click GET OTP. 3. You'll receive a 6-digit numeric verification code on your email. 4. You have 60 seconds to enter the code and then click CHECK.