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90s with LED lights illustration.

5 Things Batang 90s Can Relate To

Are you a 90s kid? Do you remember how different it was back then when we didn’t have smartphones and access to social media? Life then seemed so much simpler than it is now, but would you like to relive those days again?Let’s take a trip back to memory lane and recall what we used to do in the 90s. Here are 5 things batang 90s can relate to:

By Abby Granada 17 March 2020 1 Comments
Illustration of Kabayan Remit GCash and PayMaya

Globe GCash and Smart PayMaya Top Up Now Available on Asenso Remit

Do you have family and friends in the Philippines who use Globe GCash and Smart PayMaya? Even if you’re in Canada, you can now top up their accounts through Asenso Remit!

By Abby Granada 25 February 2020 0 Comments
Hand holding up a smartphone that shows the Asenso Remit mobile app.

The Easiest Way to Send Money to the Philippines

Living and working abroad is not always glitz and glam. It’s a great experience, but juggling busy schedules can be quite overwhelming. From working to starting a social life in Canada, to keeping in touch with family in the Philippines, it can get tiring. It’s even worse when a family emergency comes up in the Philippines and you can’t fly back right away.

By Abby Granada 12 February 2020 0 Comments
Hand holding up a Philippine passport in a desert.

Visa-free Destinations for Philippine Passport Holders

Do you love traveling but don’t enjoy applying for a visa? For some Filipinos, visa application can be quite daunting and the process may be laborious. Filling up an application form takes time, the payment can be costly, and waiting for the approval is always nerve-racking. Thus, it's a lot easier to travel to visa-free countries if you're traveling internationally for the first time.

By Abby Granada 3 February 2020 0 Comments
Chinese New Year 2020

How Filipinos Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, marks the end of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is celebrated all around the world, but it’s also widely popular in the Philippines. Its essence has been adopted by the Philippine culture due to the Chinese influence on the country. Hence why Chinese New Year is always a fun and exciting time for Filipinos.

By Abby Granada 24 January 2020 0 Comments
Several people riding a small blue truck in the mountains.

Donation to Taal Volcano Eruption Evacuees

Since the Taal Volcano eruption, families and individuals of affected areas had to flee their homes to move to safer grounds. The Batangas government reported that over 160,000 victims have taken refuge in evacuation centres in Cavite, Batangas and Quezon province. Though some victims can still go home, the Philippine officials have recently implemented a […]

By Abby Granada 22 January 2020 0 Comments