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Life in Canada: Filipino migrants share their stories

Life in Canada: Filipino migrants share their stories

The Asenso Remit team interviewed five Filipino migrants to find out what their life in Canada was like when they first moved to the country and after settling in.

By Abby Granada 10 February 2021 0 Comments
How to Pay Philippine Real Estate Bills in Canada

How to Pay Philippine Real Estate Bills in Canada

Paying for real estate properties in the Philippines should be fast, easy and convenient. You can make all your payments with Asenso Remit and here's how.

By Abby Granada 18 November 2020 0 Comments
How to refer a friend to Asenso Remit

How to Refer Friends to Asenso Remit

Do you actively remit to the Philippines through Asenso Remit? As a way of thanking you and your friends, we want to give back the rewards that you deserve. When you refer new customers to join Asenso Remit, you can earn credits and give your friends an exclusive offer.

By Abby Granada 13 November 2020 0 Comments
Top 5 Cities for Filipinos in Canada

Top 5 Cities for Filipinos in Canada

Are you looking to relocate to Canada or move within the country? Here are top 5 Filipino-friendly cities that you might want to consider.

By Abby Granada 27 October 2020 0 Comments
Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada: A Guide for Filipinos

Are you looking to move overseas but can't decide which country to consider? Of the many countries worldwide, Canada is one of the most popular destinations amongst Filipinos who wish to work or study abroad. Since it's also connected to the big and mighty country of the United States, migrants find that Canada offers a wealth of opportunities. It also boasts a strong economy, low crime rate, world-class education system, diverse culture, majestic sceneries and many more.

By Abby Granada 22 October 2020 0 Comments
Asenso Remit Pay Philippine Bills Online

Pay for Your Philippine Contributions and Bills Online

Managing bills and making sure you pay them on time can be tough. Whilst organizing local bills is already a big task for some, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) also have to juggle paying for their Philippine contributions and bills on top of that. These include SSS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG contributions, as well as other monthly payments and installments.

By Abby Granada 17 June 2020 0 Comments