5 Things Batang 90s Can Relate To

Are you a 90s kid? Do you remember how different it was back then when we didn’t have smartphones and access to social media? Life then seemed so much simpler than it is now, but would you like to relive those days again?

Let’s take a trip back to memory lane and recall what we used to do in the 90s. Here are 5 things batang 90s can relate to:

1. Playing Outdoors

Filipino kids outdoor games

Kids these days might not be able to imagine life without a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. However, 90s kids surely knew how to have fun. We’ve lived through times before advanced technology was even a thing. We used to go outside and play with our friends and local neighbours. Some outdoor games we used to play back then were patintero, piko, tumbang preso, luksong baka and many more. Don’t you wish you can be kids again and relive those moments?

2. Using Walkman / Discman


Do you remember life without SpotifyApple Music or YouTube Music? It’s so much easier now that everything we need is on our smartphones. Back then, it was cool to own a Walkman or Discman. Despite their size and bulkiness, people used to walk around carrying these gadgets. Though MP3 player became a hit over time, 90s kids will never forget the Walkman and Discman.

3. Renting and Watching VHS Tapes

VHS tapes

Almost everyone with Internet access nowadays can watch movies online. Back in the 90s, it didn’t come easy for us. We rented VHS tapes to watch movies we liked. Afterwards, we had to return them before the due date. Some movies on demand even had to be returned after a day to give others a chance to watch it too. As unbelievable as it sounds now, we actually went through that. Now, we can access movies or TV shows on our smartphones and laptops anytime!

4. Dial-up Internet

Dial up internet

Remember those times when Internet access wasn’t easy? We had to connect our massive computers to the telephone and connect for a few minutes (loudly). Sometimes it even took at least an hour to get through! It was also very expensive so staying online for a long time would cost a fortune. It’s also funny to think about how the Internet would disconnect whenever someone called the phone.

5. Classic Cartoons

Kids watching cartoon

Being a kid in the 90s was fun, especially when we had days off school. Classic cartoons were always on TV, and we sure did keep up! Batang 90s would surely know Voltes V, Daimos, Sailormoon, Power Rangers, and a lot more. These TV shows made our childhood a lot more fun and awesome.

After reading this, would you like to relive the 90s again? The Asenso Team definitely would!

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